We are proud to present the first and only push-pull audio power amplifier with a single stage!

AMPLIMOS A35 Anular Amplifier


Itís a concentration of technology because this single stage amp offers an extremely high-level versatility and  musicality.



              Here is a synthesis of itís main characteristics:

bullet structure of the amp is in a single stage with only one couple of active devices;
bullet free choice between single-ended or push-pull;
bullet functions in true class A up to 35 Wrms/8 ohms;
bullet coupled directly to the load (even single-ended );
bullet no capacitors on the pathway of the signal (excluding power supply);
bullet no application of negative feedback;
bullet galvanic separation and isolation of the ground loop;
bullet intrinsically balanced configuration;
bullet balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs;
bullet transconductance functioning as found in tube circuits;
bullet dual-mono structure with separate housing for power supply and  amplification pcb;
bullet power supply with inductive Pi-cell filters and Audio grade capacitors.

E-mail: info@amplimos.it